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Valley Hi Kia: Extended Service Contract

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If your warranty is coming to and end, or has already passed its expiration, and you aren't looking to get into a new vehicle just yet, an extended service contract may just be the right choice for you. Extended service contracts pay the cost of covered vehicle repairs, which can save you money and provide peace of mind for the long run. Through Century Administration Company, we are able to offer you service contracts that best suit your needs.


Our service contracts include:


  • One stop shop for all types of coverage
  • First Day Coverage
  • Full Retail Parts and "Your" Labor Rate
  • No 3rd Party Administrator
  • Admin or Dealer Obligor Programs
  •  High Mileage (Walk-away Program)
  • Unlimited Mileage Plans
  • Deductible per Visit not per Component
  • East to Read Rate Chart to Eliminate Pricing Errors
  • On-line remits with net cancellations


For more information on what is included as well as additional services we offer, see the cart below:





Century Service pays for the costs of parts and labor during the repair or replacement of major component parts.

Century Service Agreements are accepted by repair facilities nationwide. In the event that a network repair facility is not available, transient claims are paid by a Cenutry Service credit card. If you are in need of a rental vehicle during a mechanical failure, due to covered repair work, Century Service will allow rental coverage with no deductible.

The Century Service plan provides for towing reimbursement when in conjunction with the repair of a covered item.


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